I am open to the public for the VWT (Virtual Walkie Talkie) this server .
Japanese is here

It should be noted that the direction of patronage , please talk with 40 channels to the administrator.
Administrator ID: adm
For the individual server , but there is a risk that the server down for maintenance and other circumstances ,
We do not bear the responsibility of any sort in any case .
Please use it after having more acknowledgment .

Torquay setting

Options →

host: List →

add →

host: vwt.jp-n.com →
port: 8575 →

Apply by pressing the start to the end

ON the switch of Torquay in Torquay screen
Please .

This is a Japan domestic market basically , should be used in channel allocation below .
Use in Japanese : 1-20
21-30 : English
Other Speaks : 31-35
( Emergency use ) unallocated : 36-40

Please check here that the application of the other . http://www.andro-ix.com/apps/virtualwalkietalkiepro/

Translation : google